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Well, This Was A Bit Embarrassing ....

When I was having fun with 
[community profile] fandom_stocking  this year (or actually, last year), I decided to give one person, who'd indicated an interest in historical recipes, some that were excerpted from two recipe books I happen to own. Because it was for Fandom Stocking, I decided - without looking at AO3's terms of service, more fool I - that I could put it on Archive of Our Own, because the effort was for a fannish event. 

The nice folks over at AO3 let me know today that it was a violation of their terms of service, and that I had a week to take it down. I'm embarrassed, because they're quite right (Section H clearly states that recipes are a no-no), and sad that I now have a formal warning on my AO3 account. Hopefully, that will eventually be taken out. 

So I've put the recipes here, and will let the person for who I posted them know that they can access them here or on LJ. And perhaps other folks can enjoy the recipes as well. And I've learned something out of the whole thing, so there's that.

Anyhow - enjoy!

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Foodstuffs under here. )

Name meme

Apr. 18th, 2019 06:20 pm[personal profile] amberdreams
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A bit of fun snaffled from [personal profile] goss and using their adaptation:
With added fun factor of guessing what words the M pictures represent
Rules - Every answer must start with the first letter of your middle name.
goss meme-1v
Girl's name:
Boy's name:
Something you wear:
Reason to be late:
Job title:

Animal: Manatee
Girl's name: Marie (I went with M because I never use my actual middle names)
Boy's name: (El) Mariachi. A little cheat to use a pic of the gorgeous Antonio.
Color: Magenta
Food: Mashed potato (yum!)
Something you wear: Mask
Drink: mango juice
Place: Malham Cove (Yorkshire)
Restaurant: Miller's Fish & Chips
Reason to be late: Memory malfunction
Job title: mhizha - which is Shona for artist! Technically I don't have a job but I do get paid occasionally for painting so... 

(no subject)

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I promise you, you're allowed to throw books away. No, neither the library not the local charity shop want your medical textbooks from the 60s or your falling-apart 80s fantasy paperbooks. If someone can get your book for 1c on Amazon, nobody fucking wants it.

Come and gone.

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Standing around in Central Park, waiting for the shuttle to take us from the Boathouse to Fifth Avenue, we chatted about how we were doing at such a late, tired hour. I said I was going to crash when I got back to my apartment - "Don't say crash," someone else told me. I laughed, and said I was okay. I explained, I'd had a couple of drinks and then some coffee, some water too, and I was at a good balance of everything to keep coasting for a while. At least until I got back to my apartment, after which, I said, I won't say anything more.

I got driven out of the park, and I got driven into the park. My brother had the time and willingness to drive me and the Gala's baked goods to the Boathouse, and took deep pleasure in doing so - as he said, it might be the one day in his life he drives in Central Park. It was a good day for it, too: that brief time when both flowers and leaves are new and everything is fresh.

I got there early, almost too early, two and a half hours to spare. I walked around the park some, enjoying the people and sunshine. I set up everything, and watched it go into the kitchens for safekeeping until it was time for the after-dinner coffee. I hung out with a couple raptor people from New Jersey, and met a Barred Owl named Mitzi and a Red-Tailed Hawk named Ruby. Both of them got a lot of attention from the birds nearby, with the jays and blackbirds - of course it was the corvids - being the first to start shouting about them, with the sparrows and cardinals joining in. So I joked they should do bird walks with raptors as bait. Bring out the other birds and let people listen.

Things were being set up and arranged up until the last moment before the doors opened for the guests. As it's been said, the show doesn't go on because it's ready, the show goes on because it's showtime. And what a show it was! There was a cheese table, a specific table for cheese, with seven different kinds and someone who'd cut small slices off the logs and wheels when someone wanted a piece. I've been to weddings that aren't as fancy as that.

This is the Flocktail's first year in this space. Far more expensive than other years - the previous locations were all provided for free - and also far nicer. Not just for the catering. It was an airy, open room, with a tall ceiling and windows all around, plus a view out to the Central Park boating pond. When someone got up onto the small stage, everyone could hear them, and when someone got onto the floor to perform, everyone could see them. It wasn't huge, just a couple hundred people. Enough you couldn't meet everybody, and enough you could feel comfortable with just about anyone.

Sometimes the party picked up, sometimes it slowed down. A lot of it was standing or sitting around, eating fancy food and talking to people. It was an open bar, but I've learned since college, and just had two drinks, counting the prosecco they were handing out on trays at the door.

The moments of picking up were numerous, though. There were three dance numbers. There was a short performance by Nellie McKay. The live auction had a professional auctioneer, the kind that talked at fifteen miles a minute and whipped the audience into clapping every time the bid hit another hundred dollars, do I hear sixteen hundred, sixteen, seventeen hundred, eighteen hundred, he's bidding the boat, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one!

It ended up being over twenty-one hundred dollars. I think it went for thirty-one hundred, outbidding the two all-access passes to the Tribeca film festival and the tickets to Hamilton. That one was for a walk in Central Park with the director of the Wild Bird Fund. And Bill Irwin.

It takes a particular audience to get whipped up about Bill Irwin - who would, in fact, be sailing a little boat he'd brought with him out on the Reflecting Pool during the walk. And I was so, so happy to be in that audience.

I approached him near the end of the night, told him I loved how he moved on stage and shook his hand. I did the same for Nellie McKay. But I didn't give her my card. I gave Bill Irwin my card.

As part of the preparations for this, in addition to baking so many cupcakes several people took about a dozen each home with them, I got business cards. So yes. I have cards. Do you want my card? I have a card, drop me a line. I can send you something, here's my card. You need my name, it's on my card.

Though I have to say, much as I loved casually offering out my card, much as I adored exchanging meaningful words with Bill Irwin, glad as I was to attend this sort of thing where the full cost of ingredients was much less than a ticket, what I liked most was being there at the start and the end. Seeing what goes into making it possible, getting it set up and taken down. The stillness before and after all the dancing, when it's open and ready for the night, and when it's just a few people left out in the night, ready to be home.
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Well, lot to cover here.
Nox's shoulder is slowly healing. Every day I have to apply the medical grade Spackle to the gaping hole that exposes the various strata of flesh and tissue. I can no longer drive to home and back to work during my lunch break - it's a 90 minute drive and now I have to work through lunch to ensure I get 40 hours this week.
Also, I filled up the tank Monday morning and had to scrape my last $10 into the tank this morning. A full tank covers the normal travel of 4 days which I ended up doing in 2.
Trey had to apply the salve this morning as I forgot that among a ton of other things.

Monday, Kevin said "no mass" and asked that I take him to the chiropractor this Saturday. Yesterday, an idiot fork lift operator picked up a pallet that specifically said "Do Not Lift Here" and an ATM the size of a small teller booth (the kind the refill tech can get inside and close the door for safety) fell from the upper shelf. Kevin managed to get himself and another guy out of the way before it impacted with the concrete floor. Part of it actually embedded in the floor because it was so heavy and fell from a height of roughly 12 feet.
Kevin is now in incredible amounts of pain - yet he may now have to work Saturday. I told him that's a no go: if he's not filing an accident report (because this place is Korean and SO full of violations I could own it with a single hour long video of daily operations) then he's telling them he cannot make Saturday.
I threw at him that he was looking 50 in the eye. He threw back that we need the money. I know he's just snippy because of pain. He went to bed at 8:30 tonight. I've been staying up each night to keep an eye on Nox until about 11ish thought tonight it's different. The storm is rolling in. I'm a fool to have headphones on but I've opened a tab and my phone is in front of me. Hopefully I'll get a warning before the shit hits the fan.

The whole week, people have been bracing for this. Super Cells, Tornadoes, Hail Stones. A good old April storm in Texas. At 5pm, the airport started cancelling all flights after 9pm. Cities sent reminders that the tornado system will now cover severe winds and hail - basically: if you hear the sirens, get inside. It's not just for tornadoes anymore.
I appear to be putting commas where they don't belong. Not sure why I'm typoing so damn badly. Ok, maybe it's because I am getting exhausted. Anyway - the weather.

That bald spot below me is really weird. As I took this screenshot - the house shook from the first thunder crack I heard. Gonna be a long night.

The Fire of Notre Dam was pretty bad. Douglas Adams (RIP) wrote words that you can take with you in this dark time that are extremely relevant to this situation.

Meanwhile Shepard Smith emerged a hero - again - in the face of ridiculousness.

On Monday, Philippe Karsenty, a former French right-wing political candidate, suggested to Shep Smith that the church fire may have been set by possible terrorists, a theory that had already been floated by InfoWars soon after the fire began.Karsenty, a French media analyst, was convicted in 2013 of defamation after he accused a state television network of staging a video of a young boy being killed during a fight between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli soldiers.

“It’s like a 9/11, it’s a French 9/11, you know? And it’s a big shock,” Karsenty told Smith, adding, “we’ve had churches desecrated each and every week all over France.” Karsenty then went on to say that “of course, you will hear the story of the political correctness which will tell you it’s probably an accident.”
“Sir, we’re not going to speculate here of the cause of something which we don’t know,” Smith quickly interjected. “If you have observations or you know something, we would love to hear it."

Karsenty explained: “I’m just telling you something, what we need to be ready,” but Smith shut him down a second time before cutting him from the segment entirely.

“No, sir, we’re not doing that here, not now, not on my watch,” Shepard Smith said. “The man on the phone with us has absolutely no information of any kind about the origin of this fire and neither do I.”

“The fire investigators will at some point come to a determination about what caused this and conspiracy theories about anything are worthless and in many cases counterproductive and injurious to society,” Smith added. “And those who entertain them are not acting in the best interests of the people of this planet.”

The Walter Conkite of our times.

"..conspiracy theories about anything are worthless and in many cases counterproductive and injurious to society." Shepard Smith 4-15-2019

Les Liens du... Jeudi

Apr. 18th, 2019 06:52 am[personal profile] highlyeccentric
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Supplement to monday links, occurs irregularly.

Short essays, current affairs, hot takes:

Subset: On Cathedrals and Cultural Heritage
In case you live under a rock, Notre Dame cathedral caught fire on Monday evening and burned throughout the night.
  • Here is one of many twitter videos of the crowd on the banks of the Seine singing Ave Maria as the cathedral burns. I still can't watch without crying.

  • You may have heard by now that the main structure survived (the roof beams burned, and took with them the lead roof, and the 19th c grotesques, but the stone nave vaulting survived). Here is Matt Gabrielle on medieval architecture and fire. TL,DR that's no accident, a significant motivation for rib vaulting is it survives fire better than barrel vaulting. (NB Gabrielle is now tweeting this with the caveat that his statements on rebuilding need to be qualified with a call to reckon with the structure's history, including the nasty parts.)
  • Damian Fleming has a good thread about the craft of roofing, and how we should feel for the unfortunate restoration worker(s) who accidentally lit a spark in the attic:

  • Luke Gabrielle (ThinkProgress), Decoding the far right's language about Notre Dame and 'Western Civilisation'

  • I had a lot of feels all over twitter about the destructions we DON'T mourn, but here, here's a fabulously timed piece from the previous Friday:

  • Nayuka Gorrie (Guardian AU), The government wants to bulldoze my inheritance: 800-year old sacred trees. Same age, give or take, as Notre Dame. One's a globally mourned accident; the other collatoral damage to a road expansion.
  • Related to which: Protest camp site, including donation page. I don't like using gofundme, but... money where my mouth is, and all that. Sent through what I think of as my Hot Take Fee today, and intend to make a more substantive contribution next payday.

  • Also I heard from Facebook that the last Yangtze Softshell Turtle died on the same day as Notre Dame burned.

Longreads - essay, memoir, natural history, other
  • Lane Sainty (Buzzfeed Aus), How The Geoffrey Rush #MeToo Defamation Case Went Disastrously Wrong For His Accuser. Starting with the fact that she had to discuss it in court in the first place, which she never wanted.
  • Kevin Sieff and Carolyn Van Houten (Washington Post), Her ancestors fled to Mexico to escape slavery 170 years ago. She still sings in English to this day.. Photo-essay focusing on the matriarch of the Mascogos tribe, descendents of African slaves who fled America. The tribe now speak Spanish, and seek work across the border in the US, but matriach Lucia Vazquez Valdez retains a trove of hymns in English, passed down through generations. There's audio. It's gorgeous.
  • S. Bear Bergman (Ask Bear), How do I know when to stop trying to fix myself and everything else.
    Some people are just do-it-make-it-fix-it oriented, and others have other skills and talents. That’s okay. The world needs its capable stewards as much as its disruptors. Some people are making glorious impassioned quotable speeches on the steps of a venerable monument and some people are bookkeeping for the revolution. All of these people are valuable to the work of justice and liberation. Let’s make sure we are valuing people for what they’re good at and their choices to lend some of that time and talent, whatever it looks like, toward the goal of a better world instead of always valorizing the person doing the face work. The one who spends their Sunday coding and categorizing a list of doors to knock on for the local municipal election doesn’t get much recognition, but without them the entire enterprise crumbles. Let’s be sure we have a clear sense who the entire iceberg, is what I’m saying. For everyone who is at the protest or action with a cheeky sign there’s someone who spent the entire previous day meticulously serving as an expert witness about sexual harassment taking a needed break with whiskey and comic books.

    I'm a little confused about how Bergman drew the conclusion the LW was primarily concerned about social justice inaction - that's really not the implication I drew from LW's frustration with people who were inactively happy with where they are and what they're doing. But hey, it's good advice anyway.
  • Joshua Mostafa (Overland), Mistaking symptoms for causes: the link between moralism and anti-semitism.

    A sensible place to begin thinking about the problem is to consider the nature of contemporary antisemitism and the ways it differs from other types of racism and xenophobia, as well as from older forms of antisemitism – and therefore might not be adequately addressed by generic condemnations of ‘all forms of racism’.

    Racist ideologies provided an intellectual cover for the depredations of European colonialism and the slave trade; as such, they presented the racialised Other as inferior, subhuman, irrational, irresponsible, incorrigibly violent and therefore in need of subjugation and oppression. Antisemitism, on the other hand imagines ‘the Jews’ not as inferior but as a global cabal of master manipulators )

    I have two qualms here: one, not particularly serious, but it baffles me that an Australian publication would run an article opening with an analysis of 'The Labour Party' without insisting on a specification of which labour party where. Yes, someone paying close attention can tell that the U means it's not the Australian Labor Party, but there are other countries than the UK with Labour-with-a-U parties! NZ, for one!
    Second qualm: I saw some Australian-twitter mutterings this week about it being a mistake to theorise contemporary anti-semitism separate from islamophobia, and I wonder if they were subtweeting this article. Even if not, I would be interested in seeing this article dissected by someone who holds that opinion.
  • Peter Greste (SMH, speaking as director of the Alliance for Journalists' Freedom), Julian Assange is no journalist; don't confuse his arrest with press freedom.

    Instead of sorting through the hundreds of thousands of files to seek out the most important or relevant and protect the innocent, he dumped them all onto his website, free for anybody to go through, regardless of their contents or the impact they might have had. Some exposed the names of Afghans who had been giving information on the Taliban to US forces.

    Journalism demands more than simply acquiring confidential information and releasing it unfiltered onto the internet for punters to sort through. It comes with responsibility.

    To effectively fulfil the role of journalism in a democracy, there is an obligation to seek out what is genuinely in the public interest and a responsibility to remove anything that may compromise the privacy of individuals not directly involved in a story or that might put them at risk.

Useful links (for varying definitions of 'useful')
  • Neli at Delicious Meets Healthy, How to make perfect hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs, like mashed potato, are one of those things I know how to do in theory, but there are so many variations I have never memorised a good one, and often end up picking a Terrible One. The hard boiled egg recipe in The Commonsense Cookery Book is particularly bad. But this one is not bad! I have bookmarked it and now I have eggs for workdays!
  • The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae is now available open-access. Let the angelic chorus rejoice.

Comments policy: As per this post. With the added note that, if you have a lot of Feels in the vein of 'stop policing grief! value all sacred sites equally', take them somewhere bloody else until you've learned how cultural hegemony works. I spent yesterday talking down a white guy on Twitter from the claim that 'people' (read: non-white commentators, and those white twittizens who like myself had *complicated feelings*) were 'creating enmity' or... some fucking thing. I have no spare energy to rehearse that, there's plenty of actual opinion pieces out there today (and if you can't find one, refer to the ones from #weareallparis in 2015, it's the same basic principle except with heritage instead of terrorism).
sylvaine: A photo of two black women wearing colourful, revealing clothes and beautiful jewellery, one from the front and one from the back. They are half-embracing and looking into each other's eyes with great dignity. ([gen:sj] beauty and power)
Source is this tumblr post.

Ishtar Awakens in Chicago

My arrogance knows no bounds
And I will make no peace today
And you shall be so lucky
To find a woman like me

Today neither will the East claim me
nor the West admit me
Today my belly is a well
wherein serpents are coiled
ready to poison the world,
and you should be so lucky.

All I have is my arrogance
I will teach it to lean back
and smoke a cigarette in your faces,
and you should be so lucky

No I will make no peace
even though my hands are empty
I will talk as big as I please
I will be all or nothing
And I will jump before the heavy trucks
And I will saw off my leg at the thigh
before I bend one womanly knee

I am poison
And you will drink me
And you should be so lucky.
- Mohja Kahf

Trace your hand.

Apr. 16th, 2019 11:12 pm[personal profile] hannah
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I spent a brief, intense few minutes this evening coordinating logistics between four different people, myself included. It was something that would've been simpler if everyone was in the same room, or at least reachable by phone, but at least it's reasonably completed now. Making sure that a car can take me and the masses of baked goods over to the party location tomorrow afternoon shouldn't be so tricky, but when it's in Manhattan, it needs a lot of checking assorted regulations. Like if privately owned cars are allowed in Central Park. Turns out, yes, for a small number of reasons and if they follow specific rules.

In more pleasant news, I finished the rough draft of the Gunn/Wesley fic. Outsider POV, keeping in the everyone's-human-and-the-demons-don't-matter setting, probably not to everyone's interest and something I enjoyed the experience of writing.

Also the Cordelia/Phantom Dennis thing.

The first one's about 2000, the second about 3000. It's kind of odd to write something so short after getting used to taking at least 20,000 to tell the story, but these didn't need to be all that long, either.

I know they need to be better than they are right now, though, so if anyone's open for beta-reading, feel free to drop me a line.

And again...

Apr. 16th, 2019 05:28 pm[personal profile] mistressofmuses
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 And I've fallen behind again.
In my defense, I've felt like I've been fighting off some sort of illness, so I've been sleeping a lot. (And as sad as it is to say "fortunately" it does feel like physical ick, not a depressive episode.) There is some extremely nasty strain of flu making its way around, including through my workplace. Several people have had it escalate to pneumonia, so I do NOT want any of that.
I did sign up for the Kingdom Hearts Big Bang fic event. :) I was also doing that fic for Camp NaNo (the lower-pressure younger sibling of NaNoWriMo). Due to the aforementioned "sleeping a lot" I haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped. My goal was to hit 30k words by the end of the month, and try to complete the first draft by the end of May. 
Initial estimates were for a 50k fic, but I'm terribly afraid it's going to creep closer to 75k. This was supposed to be the "silly, relatively short, not-to-be-taken-too-seriously, let's just write something without caring too much, trying a new outlining method" fic, dammit. I haven't given up on hitting my goal by the end of the month, but it'll require some serious and sustained effort in the second half. (I'm around 14k right now, but that hasn't all been from this month.)
I discovered a plot hole, and created a subplot to address it, and accidentally created a whole new avenue of complication that may be a fun path to go down with the story and make it better in the long run, but wasn't what I was originally trying for.
This week I need to formally write up a summary, which is due by the 22nd.
I also still need to contact a beta reader. There was a list of volunteers, and I meant to reach out to a couple a week or two ago, and just didn't.
My quarterly review (how disgustingly adult) is Wednesday and I'm actually pretty nervous. My job is a weird position, straddling the two sides of the business. There's a maybe-surprising amount of office politics in general within the company, and I am very much a pawn in it. So I hope for the best, but am also... not good at those games.

Fanvids + WisCon

Apr. 16th, 2019 04:10 pm[personal profile] garrideb
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Despite the fact that I should be working on my Steve/Tony vid, I decided to take a short break to make a vid for WisCon. I didn't have a WisCon premiere last year, whereas I'd had a premiere in their vid show for the five years prior to that, and I didn't want to miss another year.

So when I heard a song that seemed perfect for Russian Doll, I decided I couldn't pass it up. Luckily that show is less than 3.5 hours of content, so it's going pretty quickly.

Also, I skimmed through the list of panels that still needed more panelists, and saw that the Fanvid Discussion Deep Dive panel was on there. So I volunteered for that, and got on. Each panelist screens a vid (not one of their own) and talks about what they love about it. I really have no idea which vid I'll pick. There are plenty I love that fit in with WisCon's themes of feminism and scifi/fantasy!
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Concept: a superhero team where all of its members are charmingly straight-edge Lawful Good dorks, but they’re publicly stereotyped as one of those early 1990s edgier-than-thou outfits because all of their powers are kind of creepy. Like, not even harmful or dangerous, or at least not any moreso than your average team’s powers – they just have an edgy vibe.

- [ profile] prokopetz, dorker and edgier

#seriously is this not literally their"MCR saves lives" phase #with the daily mirror calling them a suicide cult and all #amazing someone please write it

Stay a hundred days.

Apr. 15th, 2019 11:34 pm[personal profile] hannah
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I got woken up this morning by rain. Well before dawn, wind and thunder and hail, heavy drops pelting against the windows. Far beyond a downpour, lighting flashing through the curtains a couple of times, though after I turned my face towards the pillow I couldn't see it anymore. Just the sounds of what came through.

This morning, I got caught in a brief storm. Nothing strong, nothing long, just a few minutes of rain falling straight down. It ended by lunchtime, and the next few hours were the echoes: hard breezes, gray clouds through the sky, dampness suffusing everything. Spring chill, not winter cold. The blossoms are coming down fast, but the buds have some promise of color left in them yet.

By the time it was over, by the time I was on my way home, the air felt new. The only clouds were the nonthreatening kind, the ones that slipped in front of the sun just long enough to make its reappearance that much more brilliant.

The wind's come back and the rain's left. There's a strong chance it'll return soon - it's never far gone here. But on its own time. Rain doesn't come in a hurry, even when it comes in hard.


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