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This is not all of my fic. Some is lost, some was posted anonymously, and a few I am just leaving off of this list.

My IronStrange fics:

* The Sorcerer's Request. Explicit, Kinky.

One of my favorite fics to date because of how much I worked on it's tone. Remembering Stephen Strange's canon disability is important to me, so I wrote a fic about him having Tony making an object he could easily control via magic.

* Floating Away. PG-13 fluff.

A fic about Tony taking care of Stephen for an exchange. Fluff with light world building.

* Taste of Strange PG-13 banter.

Very short but fun fic about Avengers having ice cream flavors.

* An Overly Wrapped Present. Explicit, bantery.

Holiday fic with lots of banter. This fic is me dealing with my thoughts on costume design in smut format.

* Beauty In In The Eye of the Beholder G, silliness.

An IronStrange pre-slash fic with lots of gaming humor. I did my best to make the humor accessible to people who aren't me. It pulls more from the comics take on their personalities and dynamic than the MCU.

My Jeeves/Wooster fics:

* Away For The Holidays PG-17, Fluff.

Jooster holiday fic. Them dealing with having to be at a formal estate during their first Christmas together.

* Jeeves and the Discarded Papers Explicit, angst/fluff.

One of my early Jooster stories! Most of the rest are lost or were posted anonymously. I am still really pleased with this surviving one, though. I pulled off a very Wodehousian plot!

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension:

* Festival Afternoon Explicit.

Of my two fics so far, I am only listing this one. The Hong Kong Cavaliers play a short set. Tommy is left felling very frustrating having gotten into performance mode and then only doing a handful of songs. I iterated on this one a lot and wrote the song lyrics a while back.

LOTR Gimli/Legolas Fics:

* 5 Myths About Elf Sex Explicit, humor

My top kudos'd and bookmarked fic! A 5+1 story based on Dwarven mths (or maybe jokes) about Elves. Humorous, but very in-universe humor. Not meant to be cracky or meta.

* Return To Mirkwood. Expicit, uh, smut.

Gimli and Legolas after the events of The War Of The Ring. I've written and deleted a Return To Erebor companion piece about a dozen times. I know what bit of canon I want to base it on, but I never got it just right.

Misc fics. The Sentinel, Person of Interest and Forgotten Realms:

* Down Along The Cascade Range PG, fluff.

A road trip fic that draws a lot on my own experiences in the area. I am really happy with the banter, themes and sense of place in this fic.

* Caves of Icewind Dale Explicit fluff but mind the tags.

The Salvatore books have a Elf and a Dwarf who are super close to each other. The Dwarf adopts a human and basically treats the Elf as a coparent, dropping him off to look after and such, and yet there was no Ao3 tag for them? Sad Elf in snow. A little vignette dealing with various canon things about Drow Elves.

* A Quiet Christmas PG, holiday fluff.

A very short Person of Interest fic. One of my early fics, but I still really like the concept and how it unfolds.


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