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Last night I did the group hike I'd been preparing for. Since I was sick on Monday I couldn't do another test hike on Tabor to make sure I was up to it and I still had a bit of a headache. I nearly ditched, but didn't.

The hike was 5.6 miles, 950 feet of elevation change.

I signed up because this was supposed to be a hike for people testing new gear and who wanted to linger at spots and take photographs. The pace was brisk and we didn't really take breaks except at the top and for people to catch up. We got a very late start because some of the people coming got stuck in traffic, that may have been part of why the group was so eager to get to the top. This was a good group. I like them. This was nothing like that horrible, super pressuring Mazamas training hike I did. Still, hiking with them is pretty much out of my reach for now.

The good: I did the hike. I dealt with the muddy, unstable trails. I managed to go back down at a good clip which is something that is hard for me. I wasn't left exhausted or with any body parts screaming at me due to overuse.

The bad: I had to push myself to keep up. I pushed myself a bit more than I should have. My fastest pace was barely enough to not be causing problems. I still can't do hiking as a social thing. If I want to keep hiking I will be still going solo. This group does once a month 'injury recovery hikes' which are extra slow for people who are rehabbing from sports injuries. I can do those, but that is about it.
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I watch a lot of Pen Testing videos. (Penetration testing, talks by people who are paid to try to break into places to test security.) My fave is a guy called Deviant Ollam. He does both physical pen testing and social engineering. He has great talks on elevator exploits and when he talks about cities writing the biting for fire keys into their actual city code I am very amused. (If you know the biting of a key you can have one made, and fire keys give access to like everything.)

Anyway, he just did a new talk on convention codes of conduct and incident handling. I used to have the unofficial role of 'she who can kick people out of places' even though I never worked con security or ops. If a person was in a place they shouldn't be, I was called. I was called when I wasn't on staff, I was called on two occasions when I wasn't even attending the farking event. Also, yeah, I've spent a lot of time running online community spaces.

So, this was a very, very satisfying watch for me:

Also, the part that starts at 31:15? Holy heck, yes. FFS, yes. Why ... why is that hard for people?

Anyway, whether or not you watch the video I embedded, if you want details on breaking into places from someone who does it for a day job, I recc his videos for fic details.
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I haven't been worrying about Endgame spoilers because most of them have been bunk. Some have been based off of toy designs, which are historically very inaccurate. Some have been elaborate fakes. One fake was super elaborate, but still fake. I'm hearing there has been a legit footage leak. Since some theaters have taken delivery of the film, this is possible. Also, the people saying it are not the sort to fall for every internet rumor.

So, I am going into spoiler lockdown. I am muting channels on discords and no longer going into spoiler friendly spaces. Outside of that one spoiler because an actor got too instagram happy, I am pretty sure all spoilers before today were bunk. Now, who knows. Only want to really check is to look at the footage and I am not going to.

I just looked and a few people are confirming 5 minutes leaked and people saying they saw it and regret doing so because it was more spoilers than they wanted.

[Edit] Considering new sourcing confirming the leak, yup, actual footage leak with major plotpoints.
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They were too low as per usual. Oregon, you usually are better at taking some actual money from me. I am disappointed.

On the bright side, the prepared talked about social security numbers and told me how tax scams are on the rise. I asked her a few questions and she explained in detail how the scam works. Not useful info to me, but interesting.
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I liked it at first, then not so much.

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I did a bit of Washington Park I've never done. I am not sure how far I went or what my elevation change was as I was exploring a bit. Still, it was only about 4 miles and maybe 300ft elevation change. A light day, but still got out.

Portland has a lot of stairs. I like going and doing as many as possible. Trying to take really interesting pictures of stairs is hard, though. I've done lots and have even reshot some, but it's hard to get a good composition.
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I've been trying to organize all my photography files for backup and so I can actually find things. I came across my 'Driving in Oregon' collage:

And some more 'driving in this area' pictures )
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The concert I got tickets to a few days ago? It's booked a band! It's called Sepiatonic and eh, it's not my thing. It's inoffensive, tho.

I am easily amused. Them having booked a band after ticket sale struck me as funny. This is not how concerts typically work.
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I had a suspicion that would be the case. The attention makes me really tempted to put some of my website images and those slated for the website over in my stock account. But no, I need to keep those separate and put the gallery files first.

I have already shot a bit for the stock background account. That should keep humming along nicely for a while.

I am overthinking things and wanting to post more stock because it's a new project going well. It's hard to get views for photography especially on older, established sites. I didn't spam groups or do much of anything except chat about the project in three places, including this journal. Now I just need to chill, and work on other projects until next posting day.

My website still gets views without me needing to drive them, but not as much as I'd like. I really need to finish another gallery.
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I've locked in my final predictions and looked at some other people's. There is one thing about most predictions that really, really confuses me.

Nothing here is based on movie spoilers, but it is informed by the comics )
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I finally got moving on a project that I'd meant to start in, uh, December. But hey I finally did the thing. I opened a second DeviantArt account to post stock backgrounds for art. I have a lot of photos of cool places that don't make the cut for my main galleries. Also, it's not hard for me to make a few stock images while out on a shoot anyway. I just keep forgetting to take those shots.

I am still figuring things out, but here is the DA account.

I also have a temporary mock up on my site of the idea with some of the pulls from my files. That has some of the photos I'll be posting over on DA in coming weeks. There is a good variety there, but the angles are hit or miss for being good stock backgrounds.

So, I have plenty of stuff to be posting on Fridays for a while. This also means that more of my photography gets seen/used. And hey my stock doesn't have a porn restriction like some other accounts!

If anyone knows a good place to link the stock account or has an DA account so they can give me likes, that would be appreciated. Please do not link the test page on my private site around because I'll be deleting that.
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I walked at least 6.9 miles. Missippi was really cute. It's not very long, so I switched over to Albina and kept walking North. I got at least one shot for a photo project of mine.

I started at a nearby sandwich shop. They advertising being allergy friendly and I'd been excited to try it. I went in and...

Me: I can't have dairy or soy. What can I eat? Are some of your specials good for that?

Her: Here are our vegan meats and this is our gluten free bread.

Me: Uh.... okay?

So, yeah, not so much. The manager came out and said I'd have to special order. I wound up spending 2x what I expected. It was good, but it was also a $12 roast beef sandwich. Also, I love places where my food problems aren't a hassle and I can just order food. Having the manager give me a dead stare like I am the universe manifesting to complicate his day is not my idea of a good time, especially at a place that advertises as allergy friendly.

I did better at Townsend Tea where I got a soy/dairy/dye free bubble tea made with their very good black tea and botanically sourced rose. Very sweet and calorie filled, but good. And yeah, easy ordering.
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I did a group hike at Oak's Bottom which goes around and base of The Portland Mausoleum. No one in the group had been in. I linked my gallery of pictures of the the inside to the group. The grouper's leader got excited and has booked a tour of the inside as an upcoming 'hike'. The Mausoleum is no longer open to the general public. I've used tours to get in, but I've never actually stayed with that tour before. I guess I will this time. My gallery has images I've taken on various trips years apart, including back when it was public and the electricity largely did not work. So I need to make a list of shots I still want. I haven't gotten pictures I am really happy with of the fountains. I also want to grab snaps of all the floor layout signs by the elevator to create a map of the place.

I need to finish booking Alaska this week.

I managed to snag a Murderboat ticket for June, so I need to be back for that. Murderboat is a local event company that put on a concert on a plane turned into a house last fall and they are going that again in June. That someone bought a plane, stuck it in the woods and made it into a house is one of those 'Pacific NW Oddities' that makes a lot of listicles and other things. The house went up for sale a while back. Someone decided to jump on that and got permission to do an event there. I don't know the current status of the plane/house, but I have tickets for a concert there. A concert of ... um... I have no idea what sort of music or even if they booked a band. I don't really care. I just want access to the planehouse.

I am trying to plan for a train trip and a car trip coming up. There are some trails in Southern Oregon I really want to do, and I need to actually get out there. Also the GOP are ramping up attacks on Amtrak. Now they are using privately funded think tanks to publish articles to sway opinions. Hopefully these attacks also fail, but I need to do the California Zephyr while it exists.

St. John's

Apr. 1st, 2019 09:57 pm
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I walked somewhere north of 5 miles today. Not sure how much. Some of it was hilly-ish. Some slopes, only a few steep ones. I did some dirt paths up and down, which was good training.

St. John's is an amazing part of Portland with lots I'd love to photograph. I went in all the wrong directions to find things I'd want to shoot. After a while I went to the waterfront, only to have my way back cut off by a train. It was rolling back and forth and there was no feasible way around it. I just wound up waiting 20 minutes because my trail was cut off by ... a train. That's St. John's tho. It's very industrial, lots of train yards, lots of little businesses. Super cute. Someday I will have a lovely picspam of it, but today is not that day.
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My iPhone's screen is having intermittent issues with the screen not responding to touch. My main computer can no longer connect to the internet via ethernet cord. As of today, it can no longer connect via one of the two channels my router puts out. My tablet that I use for photo editing and drawing is being slow and the battery wont charge past 78%.
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I walked all of Woodstock Boulevard today. I am glad I did it as I want to explore more of Portland, but I thought I'd find more neat things. I started at a place on Powell to pick up some art supplies that I then got to carry all day. I just put the locations I noted into google maps and it says I walked 7 miles. That's a lot. I am tired, but not ded. So I am a little less worried about my endurance right now, but I intend to keep pushing it. I really need to pick up those maps of Portland's 5 quadrants so I can start tracking were I've been, so I fill it all in.
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I've finished my first watercolor. It's on super textured paper so the scan and a photo of it look very different.


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The 25th anniversary of the film was ten years ago? I guess it was as I just saw a thing about the 35th anniversary being this summer. There may be an attempt to do some events. I went to a 25th anniversary screening in 2009 and was asked to do a panel at a convention. I prepared materials and information, only to find out at the con that the panel was being run as a roundtable with 4 other people. One of the other people was a guy who was pushy, talked over everyone and physically took the only mike so only he could talk. He soap boxed about his general pet peeves about media fandom while I sat there with my notes. I did try to get the mike back, but it was clear the only way to do so would have been by force

The panel also ran over because he wouldn't stop ranting about movie distribution models and their effects on fandoms. Ah, memories ...

I am going to celebrate the event by writing more smut and maybe commissioning some fan art. This Rawhide/Tommy piece was done for my winning bid in a Fandom Trumps Hate auction.

The reason I'll be focusing on smut is that in the mailing list era of this fandom homophobes harassed slashers into taking down all their fics, harassed webhosts of websites hosting fic and everything posted to the mailing list got deleted. Sadly, virtually nothing made it to AO3 and I am forever salty. Nothing I can do but try to populate it a bit myself ... and maybe throw large amounts of money at fan auctions.
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Based on the description, promo and dim memories of how people reacted when the comic first came out years ago, I didn't think I'd like it. I watched the pilot anyway, because sometimes promos do a very bad job of representing a show.

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