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I've been trying to get out and walk as much as possible to get away from screens. I walked out to reshoot this place in Forest Park. It was my 3rd attempt to get back there. They are replacing bridges and repairing trails, but not being super good and updating the online info or the detour signs.

I am glad to have newer, higher res images but I am not 100% happy with this set. (I downscale to upload to DW, to not eat through my space here too fast.) At the same time, I do like them and pairing the shoot down to just a few pictures was hard. I'll go out again at a point to take more pictures, once I figure out what I want to do with the shots.

Getting good angles and distance on this place is hard with the terrain as sloped as it is. This is the one time I wish I did drone photography.

A few more pictures. )
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Western Washington waystation. Beer, weed and free Wifi.

Proof weird shit was going on in Vashon: there was a roadside Dean Winchester trap.

More pictures, including new additions to my collection of partially broken bridges I have walked across )
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Forest Path by Dawn Hewitt on 500px.com

I've been working on trying to get a good, inviting picture of a hiking trail. So far, this is my best get. This is from the Heart Of The Forest trail just inside the northern part of Olympic National Park. It's one of the few bits of hiking I did, because my first night there is when I started to get sick. I didn't feel good on the hike, but was just caught up in trying to soldier on.

I stayed in the park in one of the original cabins built there. They are vintage and rustic ...

Either the lake is tilted or ... Actually the forward lean was worse than the side to side lean so beautifully shown by the lake. It barely had heat. I knew that being in the cabin would be roughing it a bit, but trying to ride out being sick in a cold, tilting cabin was not the best thing ever.

I am all about preserving stuff, but if they ever try to raise money to replace these I will donate. Very little original still exists and any vintage/historical charm is lost on me. If I go back, I will stay elsewhere. I'd really like to go back and hike around the lake and try to find the trail to undeveloped hot springs that I know exists, but I couldn't get concrete info on. I couldn't even get concrete info on like anything. I don't want to be harsh because our parks need more funding but damn, this one does not live up to the expectations I got from visiting other national parks. It was like each Ranger Station lived in an island unto itself and couldn't even get info on anything outside it's little area.

The one trail I did was pretty cool, but I am still a bit salty that I didn't do the other two I has my heart set on.

The trail was pretty gnarly at times:

After I bit I realized I had to strike out for home. The only adventury thing I allowed myself was to take the more Western route out of the park before heading to I-5 and skipping the rest of my trip. I passed a bunch of things I planned to do or would have loved to have explored, but I did stop at Ruby Beach.

I did not try to climb out onto all that. I just rested there for a bit.

I only knew that I was driving through the main town from Twilight or whatever because someone told me that a few days beforehand. I had just crossed the border into Forks before I saw my first Anti-Twilight sign, a motel promising a Cullen-free experience. It was funny to see that the locals are still salty AF. I almost wish I had gone to that teeny, tiny town when Twilight was huge just to see what it was like at the time.

It took me a full day to do 5 hours of driving. I nearly bailed and grabbed a motel just an hour outside of Portland.

I am now mostly better except for my back and my knee being a little touchy from the fall. I am going to see if a massage helps later this week, if not I will try other stuffs.

So, that was my adventure that was full of questionable life choices and various inconveniences. I did still manage some decent pictures. I may do another post just of some more images. I haven't fully sorted my iPhone pics. I am not sure when I might try to travel again. I feel like my adventure bug has been squashed for now.
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Trail with Manzanita Trees in Deception Pass State by Dawn Hewitt on 500px.com

I was hiking in the above area when I fell and this happened:

The camera uses touchscreen controls and every time I turn it on the internal layers of the screen are more and more broken down. Also, I don't have a separate viewfinder so that's my only way to do composition, check color info, etc.

Still, I had my iPhone and my OMD camera body so not all was lost. I really miss my Pen, tho. OMD bodies are larger, heavier and less low key. No joke, later that day shooting with my OMD people approached me twice asking for professional portraits out in the woods. I know little about portrait photography. I also don't know how to work with randoms to get them to cooperate with what I do know about photographing people. So yeah, I am really wanting my safety blanket nice low key Pen that reads 'quirky enthusiast' rather than 'srs photographer'. Eh, I could likely with them if I tried harder. There is just something about being approached by random strangers asking for portraits and then refusing to do what they need to do for the results they want that saps my patience.

Someday I need to make a gallery of shots I only got because I was shooting Pen.

Back to the park. I hiked around Cranberry Lake, Goose Rock to the summit, along North Beach, Pass Island and around Bowman Bay. I did a lot for taking it really slowly.

Goose Rock Trail

Bridge in Deception Pass by Dawn Hewitt on 500px.com

Bowman Bay

More hiking and sleeping on a boat )
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Day 2 was the day I'd planned to be my big driving day. I had two ferries to catch and a lot of north to go. I originally wanted to go more north overall, but planning was so tricky. My thought was that this trip would be a good way to learn what I needed to know to take a more adventurous trip in the future. Right now adventure doesn't sound exciting.

This sign pretty much determined a lot of my day.

Short reviews of the cider places )

I only had tiny sips and had about the equivalent of a shot glass of cider at each place, and then hung for about an hour. I usually don't drive at all if I have had any alcohol that day, so a few sips and then waiting an hour is pretty relaxed for me. So that took up a bunch of the day.

I went to Port Townsend to catch to the ferry to Whidbey Island. When I went to get my ticket I was asked if I had a reservation. When I said I didn't the lady went 'Oh, honey ....' Never a good sign.

More pictures and winding up in Port Townsend for a bit )
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Finally posting! I am mostly over being sick, but am still having some back problems from the fall.

The day I left, the winds had changed and ash from the Eagle Creek Fire was snowing on Portland again. I-84 had reopened the previous night, but had closed again that morning. The alternate route to I-84 is SR-14 in Washington, but Washington decided to close it to truck traffic and screw over our ports for a good couple of weeks. Traffic was bad headed out of town as trucks drove slowly, trying to figure out new routes. The whole long drive I was breathing smoke from the Oregon, Washington and BC fires.

I made it to Vashon! It's an island just west of Seattle that is only reachable by ferry, despite it's fairly large size. The island is a weird mix of rich people wanting views and access to rural areas, and fairly typical run down rural areas. It used to be very hard to spend the night there for under $350 bucks, but Air B&B has created somewhere between 60-100 more affordable stays on the Island. Most of them are fantastic, private cabins on farms for less than a midrange hotel night in Seattle.

This is the inside of mine:

Two queen beds, tiny kitchen, looking towards protected park land, so many cute, custom details.

Sadly, either this or the other ABnB I stayed in is likely why I got a tummy virus. So, while I loved both ones I stayed in, this is likely my first and last trip with them. ABnB properties mostly fall into 3 categories:
* Room in someone's house, sharing the bathroom and kitchen. Yeah, I'd rather not.
* Whole houses or apartments to one's self. These are often illegal and hated by locals for the effect on housing/rental prices. Portland just cracked down and shut down a large percent of local ABnBs for being illegal. They were all this type.
* Tiny houses and other ADUs in yards. This was the happy middle space with legality, compliance with ABnB policies and also privacy. Sadly, all those adorable cabins and RVs and even those treehouses I so badly wanted to try mostly have tank water supplies. I am not likely to want to risk one again.

I made it and went right to Dragon's Head Cider for a tasting. I was supposed to meet some people there, but they had a problem at the last minute and couldn't make it.

Day continues )
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I am back early from my trip. I got a stomach bug. I tried to tough it out, hoping that it would only be a 24 hour thing, but it wasn't. I drove home in about twice as long as it should have taken because I kept stopping to rest. I made it, though at a point I almost just got a room for the night. I come from a family that proudly drives while too sick, exhausted, old or drunk to drive safely and I make a point of not doing that. I will not drive if I am not fit to.

While good things happened and I will post pictures when I can, right now I am going to sit here in a tired, sick bruised lump.

The first day I was hiking I took a bad fall and broke my main camera. It's not the end of the world as I have two more camera bodies that use the same lens and accessory ecosystem, but that Pen 5 was my main and preferred camera. I also hurt my knee, so even before I got sick I scaled way back on what I was doing.

I had an OMD camera body with me, so I still took shots but I am less sure of what the results will be like. I really, really prefer Pen to OMD. My only other Pen body is the original one and is very old.

So, other than sick, injured, having my fave camera break and winding up in some guy's basement it was great.

Okay, the basement story and then bed. I will post better travelogs later. I booked some Air BnBs for this trip and they were amazing. In the areas where I was traveling, hotels and motels are scarce. The night my planned Air BnB host cancelled on me, I booked a traditional B&B through hotels.com. My thinking was that it would be nice to stay some place more usual in case the other places were awkward and stressful. The room turned out to be in a finished basement of this really weird guy. Guest parking was a stupid distance away. Everything about the place was off, unfriendly and creepy. I nearly ditched but this was one of the nights I was on an island and it was past the last ferry.

And now, bedtime.

Lake Betty

Aug. 10th, 2017 12:55 pm
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I am going to be posting my trip stuff waaaay out of order. These are some pics from the tag end of my Crater Lake trip. I am glad I went when I did! Crater Lake is under a level 1 evacuation order due to wildfire smoke. You can still be there during a Level 1, but you need to be constantly prepped to bug out. Also, the views are smoky right now, and not in a cool way. They may need to do some big fire breaks to try to contain the fire. They can't use water from most sources to douse fires in the area. I may have seen the fire being lit by the lighting strikes while I was there.

Anyway, this post isn't about that big lake, it's about a small one I found delaying my return to the city.

I was a good chunk of the way back towards I-5 when I decided that I really had no reason to get home while it was still light out. The next day I would have a fuzzy to worry about, but not that day!

I turned off on a side road that said it was to Lake Waldo. Lake Waldo turned out to be really, really far down the road. So, I pulled over to have some food and figure out what to do next.

The wide shoulder I pulled off had this sign:

I am not usually one for going on random trails alone, but at this point I have to do some solo exploring or I will never get out and do any. I walked for a bit and decided I'd gone far enough down a trail I knew nothing about. I rested on a log and was sure I heard water. So, I went just a bit further and saw this:

It's a really easy hike down to a nicely isolate lake. There was a path around it, but I will do that another day.

I just hung out there for a bit. I tried to do the whole 'picture with my feet in it' thing but my legs are short:

I always try for those shots, but they rarely work for me.

That trail was pretty much the ideal little adventure.

I'd love to get back out there, maybe some day trips, but cat, wildfires and the coming tourists hoards make it a bad plan. Oh yeah and I should move to the new place at a point. (still no date on possession.)
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Welcome to the Legolas/Gimli masterpost!

Upcoming events:
* Gigolas Week is coming again. Follow that tumblr for updates.

Where do I find you all?

* You can try the Gimli and/or Gigolas tags on Tumblr to find the currently active peeps. You can also check the Legolas tag, but it tends to have a much lower percentage of Gimli/Legolas shipper stuff than the Gimli tag.
* There is an Imzy Community. If you need an invite you can request one through the community, or ask me:).
* We have an IRC chatroom. Flamebyrd did an excellent post on how to connect to it here.

Where is the fic/art?

* The Gimli/Legolas tag on AO3
* Gimli and/or Gigolas tags on Tumblr.
* Sansûkh Podfic Project
* There are a few pieces of art on DeviantArt, but not a lot.
* Gigolas Big Bang Look for info on the next one, or give love to the previous year's authors and artists.
* Ungalad's rec list is here.

Older archives:

* Library of Moria
* Axe And Bow
* Axe & Bow
* Of Elves and Man, Legolas/Gimli page
* Tolkien Fanart page of Dagmar Jung It hasn't been updated in a very long time, but it's the source for some popular fanart that has been posted many places, like this one.
* The The FuckYeahLegolasandGimli Tumblr is no longer updated, but you can still go back through the posts to see the art it collected.

Japanese Branch of out fandom, レゴギム fans:
* They had a Spring 2016 fanworks fest, that used the twitter hastag #レゴギムweb. The early 2017 fanworks fest used the tag #legogim3w You can browse either or the @Mellon_legogim twitter account.
* Some of the the illustrations posted to that tag are collected here.
* A few more links to art from the project - Chibi paper dolls (more to com as they are posted.
* The twitter account reblogging Japanese art/fic is Twitter account Mellon_legogim.
* If you would like to browse Pixiv, try the レゴギム tag.

What do we do for fun?

* Ask questions on the Ask Gigolas Blog.
* Gigolas Week It's over for this year, but you can look for info on the next one or just enjoy previous contributions.
* Play Lego: LOTR. No really, you can walk around as Legolas carrying Gimli half the time.
* Listen to fanmixes like this Gigolas one.
* Play Meere's 2048 Gigolas Edition here.

Fan Fic resources!

* LOTR Project. A ficcer's dream resource: timelines, interactive maps, charts and graphs based on Tolkien texts, etc.
* Everything Tolkien officially said about Elf sex in one handy article with sources.
* Speaking of Legolas, A New Free Republic article by Michael Martinez, Author of Visualizing Middle-Earth.
* Legolas of Mirkwood: Prince Among Equals.
* The Sindarin Dictionary Project
* Sindarin: The Noble Tongue
* Ask Middle Earth response about Whether Dwarves Love Only Once.

Fandom Lore, touchstones, etc:

* The Legolas Cosplayer Dances to Single Ladies.
* Gingerhaze's comics have definitely had an influence. She started the dwarf racist party dad meme and she has other LOTR comics here.
* John Rys Davies and Peter Hambleton at a con pretending to be Gimli and Gloin saying goodbye before the events of the Hobbit.
* The Can I Touch Your Butt in Elvish post.
* Weta's concept art for female Dwarves.
* A Ship Manifesto.
* Notanightlight's Do You Want To Kill Some Orcs filk.
* Why did some people suddenly start calling it Gigolas? Discussion and link to first known usage here.

Random fun and/or educational LOTR stuffs:

* Cory Olsen who teaches courses on Tolkien at Washington College has put up a number of his lectures for free up in iTunes U. So, if you have an Apple device you and you like to listen to college lectures on The Hobbit, etc. link.
* For those who like hiking/walking, there is this site to track mileage as if you are walking to Mordor from The Shire. Since I started I am at Mile 42: Wood more dense, and lane went lower, running in a fold of hills, with hazel on the slopes alongside. Pippin quickly becomes sleepy.
* Misty Mountains as sung by that guy who went viral for singing Chocolate Rain.
* Cosplay beard using crepe wool tutorial for dressing up as your favorite Dwarf.
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Someone I know IRL is having a design up on Teefury Wednesday.

She is so good! I have a necklace by her. this one.

That is all \o/
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A for-profit site called ebooks-tree.com is currently scraping the entire AO3 fic archive and rehosting all of it on their ad-supported paid-access site. AO3 is the main fanfic site on the web, run cooperatively by fans. They are not just hitting the popular fics, they are taking everything and converting them to pdfs on their site.

AO3 also now hosts all the fic from many, many old and now defunct older archives. Remember the old 852 Prospect archive that had so much Sentinel fic that it could fetch you fic no matter what you were in the mood for? That archive, or at least most of it, was preserved by transferring it onto AO3.

Here is information on how to start getting it taken down.

From here AO3 recommends:
To keep your fanfic locked away from anyone or anything that isn’t a logged-in AO3 user, edit your work and tick the “Only show your work to registered users” option, in the Privacy box. (However, very dedicated PDF thieves could theoretically circumvent this by creating an account for their bots.)

They are also working on better handle this and how to respond.

This problem was discovered today as far as I can tell. Spread this like wildfire to all ficcers. Feel free to c&p my wording, or vary it, to make posts. (Please vary it, this is a terribly rushed post as I need to run out to get my taxes did.)
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Wow, that was a weekend. Tabyk and I were darn lucky that we went the weekend we did. We had almost gone the previous weekend when it was 4 degrees. As in, 28 degrees below freezing ... and no that isn't with wind chill. Instead we had thirties and forties with mostly clear roads and just enough snow in some areas to highlight the ridges of mountains and hillsides. Also, you know you picked the right weekend to be in a rural area if you are buying local wool in the fiber store and the lady asks if you are in town for the Truck Parade. Turns out, the John Day Truck Parade is when people load up timber trucks, pick up trucks, horse trailers etc with generators and cover them in Christmas Lights.

Below the cut I will put some pictures of the Truck Parade, Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, Fossil beds dating back 65 million years and the John Condon Paleontology Center. However, here is the full main album and here is the John Day Truck Parade Bonus Album with a link to a short YT video of one of the trucks.

If the above descrip doesn't make you click, nothing I put here will )
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A thousand years ago on LJ people would make image posts of new shows that they got into to try to lure others or see who else was watching. I don't think I ever did those, but I feel like making a post about Hannibal.

The show got a fandom that seems to have exploded in size, possibly due to the show runner playing with fans on twitter and NBC having an official tumblr that tends to be darkly humorous and sometimes slashy. If I ever got a chance to interview one of the main cast, I would ask if they are aware of some of the gifs that are being used as official promo images.

I am going to put pic spams and show info under a cut, but first I do want to point out that this is a horror show and not for everyone. There is humor, amazing acting and set design and lots of other pluses to this show but it is also unrelentingly dark. It deals with serial killings, mental illness, and, as you might guess from the show's name, cannibalism.

Read more... )
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Except for the upcoming Tolkien Big Bang, there is very little Tolkien stuff on LJ or Dreamwidth. Most of the comms that used to be active have fallen into a deep slumber.

I've been collecting links to cool stuff and want to dump them into a post. I am going to leave this unlocked in case any of my friend's friends want to poke in or drop off their own links.

Read more... )
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You know what I am amazing at doing? Over-thinking things. That, and stressing over potential problems before they happen. That way, if the problem never happens, I still get to have all the anxiety.

Though, on the bright side, I have a project going that is all about doing stuff and not overthinking it in advance. Details later if I managed to get this together :)
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...I will need to see that again. It was one of those films where you had to pay attention to follow the plot, but the projectionist has the aspect ratios so screwed up that we missed almost all the subtitles at the start setting up the film. Dialogue came from talking torsos for the first 30 minutes. Benedict Cumberbatch's face and body are long enough without them being comically skewed. Though, during one scene where he walks across the screen they were fiddling with the lens and they made him short and squat. It looked like something from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Half the audience left and we all got free passes at least.

I lost count of how often the projector lost focus.

Also distracting is that the only other times I've heard someone in a British Intelligence Op being referred to as 'Control' was in A Bit Of Fry and Laurie sketches. So, seeing Cumberbatch's overly elongated face filling the screen saying "I'm sorry to hear about Control" was comedy gold to a very small target audience of well, me and ... likely just me. I can't really be upset about the technical problems because I was choking with laughter at points.

The version I was was 30 minutes of surrealist comedy followed by an hour and a half of trying to figure out what was going on. The sets and suits were amazing, though.
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