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Wow, that was a weekend. Tabyk and I were darn lucky that we went the weekend we did. We had almost gone the previous weekend when it was 4 degrees. As in, 28 degrees below freezing ... and no that isn't with wind chill. Instead we had thirties and forties with mostly clear roads and just enough snow in some areas to highlight the ridges of mountains and hillsides. Also, you know you picked the right weekend to be in a rural area if you are buying local wool in the fiber store and the lady asks if you are in town for the Truck Parade. Turns out, the John Day Truck Parade is when people load up timber trucks, pick up trucks, horse trailers etc with generators and cover them in Christmas Lights.

Below the cut I will put some pictures of the Truck Parade, Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, Fossil beds dating back 65 million years and the John Condon Paleontology Center. However, here is the full main album and here is the John Day Truck Parade Bonus Album with a link to a short YT video of one of the trucks.

The drive out was dotted with ridiculously amazing photography bait if you like abandoned structures. The stretch of Route 19 alone was amazing. I would need a day just to hit all the best ones along a roughly 180 mile stretch.

Look, it's where my power comes from! There were many vast wind farms, but I like this shot :)

Frosted and lightly snow dusted pine desert.

Hiking the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Area. A snowy landscape dotted with lava rocks.

Mysterious stone door into the mountainside. AKA - Something that will make me make Tabyk stop the car on the nearest shoulder and then run back half a mile to photograph.

Between the abandoned properties, stumbling into a truck parade and finding a little shack that serves steaks to rival top steak houses, this was a pretty ridiculously amazing trip. This is the Snaffle Bit Dinner House. The food was amazing and the staff were wonderful. I had a 12 ounce sirloin that was one of the best I'd ever had, and I have eaten at top steak houses in multiple cities.

We ate there after the ...

Truck Parade! Yes, that is a tractor trailer with American flags, POW flags and a nativity scene.

This year's theme was Healthy Forests Healthy Future, so this rig has a lighted tree on a Nordic Trac Treadmill.

Youtube video of one is here Don't have your sound turned too high!

Live display of paleontologists at the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center. The center is named for the pioneer minister and scientist who helped get the fossil bed's importance recognized. He held that studying evolution was neither atheistic or heretical.

They had fossil evidence on display of plants from the banana, rose and chocolate families, bones of early rhinos and early elephants from the area's distant past as a lush jungle before volcanic devastation started, to plains ecosystems with various stages of horse evolution before that was also buried in ash. The John Day Fossil Beds are kind of ridiculously amazing. I don't want to post too many here, but if people ask I will reply to comments with more pics of the center. They also had a chunk of petrified tree out front.

Seriously, grapes, early rhinos, jungle cats and stages of horse evolution, etc in Oregon? I still don't have my mind fully wrapped around it.

No dino bones, tho. The periods preserved by the lahars are the Age of Mammals, according to the displays.

The are was flat from ash fall and lahars before erosion and fault lines made valleys. You can see the flat top of the ridge line? That used to be flat ground.

65 million years of layers.

Hiking in the Blue Basin amid the fossils beds.

Rock formation in Blue Basin That made me think of Gimli's descriptions of flowering rock formations in the Glittering Caves

Then, back on the road.

Cathedral Rock.

Foree Hiking area. We were glad to find it because Oregon hates good signage.

View from the top of the Path of Fire.

Then, back on the road.

*faints* My original album was 300 pictures. Editing and processing all that took a bit! (Also finding my one html error that was causing problems.)

I really enjoyed John Day. The city smelled like snow and woodsmoke. I am looking forward to getting out there again!

I might post more on this later, but I am off to shower and find me a showing of The Hobbit.

I typically F-lock everything for reasons, but I am going to leave this one open because I think it's all sorts of awesome. Tho, again, I do have two Imgur albums with more pics!


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