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A thousand years ago on LJ people would make image posts of new shows that they got into to try to lure others or see who else was watching. I don't think I ever did those, but I feel like making a post about Hannibal.

The show got a fandom that seems to have exploded in size, possibly due to the show runner playing with fans on twitter and NBC having an official tumblr that tends to be darkly humorous and sometimes slashy. If I ever got a chance to interview one of the main cast, I would ask if they are aware of some of the gifs that are being used as official promo images.

I am going to put pic spams and show info under a cut, but first I do want to point out that this is a horror show and not for everyone. There is humor, amazing acting and set design and lots of other pluses to this show but it is also unrelentingly dark. It deals with serial killings, mental illness, and, as you might guess from the show's name, cannibalism.

 photo tumblr_mnvtpcrooW1qgwmq0o1_r1_500_zpsd16fe3b9.jpg

Anyone still here? I have never read/watched Silence of the Lambs or Red Dragon or any of that, but this show seems to be about the early days of cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lector. The show doesn't follow him directly, but rather FBI Special Agent Will Graham.

Will Graham is adorable.

 photo tumblr_inline_mo38fzk6AP1qz4rgp_zps1a8ebeed.png

Completely and ridiculously adorable.

 photo tumblr_mo446zUyDT1qgpm7vo1_r2_500_zps577c90f9.png

 photo hannibal1_zpsfd3aacff.jpg

Scruffy, stubbly, anti-social academic :) The actor is more than a pretty face with stupidly shapely lips. He displays great range and suffers beautifully.

Will Graham had a quiet life of teaching at the FBI Academy and adopting stray dogs. He has the ability to empathize with a killer's point of view, partially because he isn't completely mentally stable himself. Agent Jack Crawford drags Will from the classroom to help with some of the more gruesome serial murder cases.

This is Hannibal:

 photo hannibal-tv-review-brilliant-new-show-restore-L-a5srg1_zps19541b59.jpeg

He and Will have great chemistry:

 photo 153437_900_zps2e9ab5c5.gif
(And yes, he did.)

He is a Cannibal who is very much at peace with himself. He likes to host lavish dinner parties and make cannibal jokes that no one else gets... yet. (One day Jack and Will are going to suddenly get all those jokes and laugh for days.) You can pretty much assume that you are going to see Hannibal serving people about once per episode.

 photo tumblr_mo2t5tgKqu1sqk5b1o1_500_zps4773e106.png

He winds up as Will's psychiatrist. So yes, Will has a cannibal looking after his brain. Hannibal's own psychiatrist is Scully from X-Files! I mean, is played by Gillian Anderson. I just enjoy seeing her and hearing talk about FBI agents again :)

Hannibal tries to bond with other psychopaths, but seems to know in his heart that his only real chance at a connection is with Will. As twisted and as dark as the show is, I could make a strong argument that this how is pretty much all about friendship ♥

This is Agent Jack Crawford:

 photo tumblr_mnpgyweFrO1sppopno1_500_zps874158d8.jpg

He is very focused on getting things done. He understands the cost of dealing with all the darkness of chasing killers, but also the cost of not chasing them.

This is his wife, Bella Crawford:

 photo tumblr_mmmg1prBI01sokvw9o1_500_zps4b8a6b31.png

She is played by Gina Torres and is awesome. Did I mention that this show has an amazing cast? She'll start to pop up after a few episodes.

This is Alana Bloom:

 photo tumblr_mo1bbyLKSo1srq5vco1_r1_500_zpsdeebe569.png

She ... might be the most stable character on the show. She is competent, direct and measured. As the one who is all sane and has boundaries, we actually don't know much about her yet.

This is Dr. Beverly Katz:

 photo tumblr_mo2uocOAYR1s3q3xqo1_250_zpseade5ffe.jpg

She's one of the crime scene investigators. She's rude and doesn't take any shit. She also doesn't like seeing anyone else take shit. I didn't like her at first blush, but then she turned out to be awesome. She is the main CSI type person we see. The others are more in the background, but they get some great lines.

I am leaving out a few characters, including two more female ones. There are only 11 episodes out so far so getting into early plot details feels spoilery for this show even if it really isn't.

Now, about the show itself. Jack Crawford is haunted by the elusive Chesapeake Ripper, who may or may not still be killing. Hannibal winds up involved in the investigation and is enjoying it like a fine bottle of wine someone surprised him with. He gets to have new, interesting companions for dinner, a scruffy genius who hates social interaction to play with and a backstage pass into the investigation into ... him. He even finds a stray human for him and Will to emotionally adopt and care for.

On many horror shows and movies, the camera sexualizes dead women. This show doesn't. There is none of that crap where the dead women look like something off a porn set while the camera leers at them. Dead bodies on the show are ... dead bodies, not naked flesh for the viewer to enjoy. Lingering, leering camera shots are reserved for when Hannibal is either cooking or serving food.

The show tends to either make people hungry or decidedly not hungry. There is lots of food porn and cooking porn, but some people are put off by the meat on offer. Personally, I usually eat while watching with no problem ... I wonder what that says about me?

The show is a procedural, but it's different from most in a couple important aspects. It's a 13 episode season so there is no room for filler eps, for the mytharc to go off track with guest writers, etc. The interconnectedness of the episodes is very strong and they flow into each other nicely while marathoning. In one case they actually do a lot of the set up for one of the killings in a previous episode. While we do see the killers and their motivations, the impact that they have on the main characters is what the show is most concerned with.

Do not watch if you find the following too disturbing: Cannibalism (when in doubt, assume it's people), body horror, unethical medical or psychiatric treatments, and ... well who knows what they might hit on in season 2? (I was going to list a specific trigger under a spoiler tag, but DW does not support the tag. If you are curious but want more specific information on triggers, lemme know.)

In summary, it's an awesome series if you like unapologetically dark and twisted shows about murder and fine dining.


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