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Except for the upcoming Tolkien Big Bang, there is very little Tolkien stuff on LJ or Dreamwidth. Most of the comms that used to be active have fallen into a deep slumber.

I've been collecting links to cool stuff and want to dump them into a post. I am going to leave this unlocked in case any of my friend's friends want to poke in or drop off their own links.

First off, where fans are interacting:
* Forums at The One Ring.Net. TORN has long been the center of Tolkien stuff online, but I've never been on their forums.
* Tumblr.com, various tags.
* Reddit, which is kinda like a giant collection of forums has some active Tolkien subReddits (or individual forums). Tumblr and LJ and DW tend to be majority female spaces, so I feel the need to add the warning that if you stay on Reddit too long you will see some shocking misogyny. I like reddit and find there is a lot more awesome than crappy over there, but every once in a while it makes me want to headdesk.
Anyway, relevant subreddits!
* r/TheHobbit. Fairly relaxed comm with a mix of Hobbit movie posts and other random posts.
* r/Tolkien Fans. More book and lore centered. Some anti-movie snobbery at times, but good for discussions on lore, reference, languages, etc.
* r/LOTR The catch-all Tolkien comms. Lots of newbs from other parts of reddit pop in to ask newb questions, but they are often treated well. It seems like someone asks about elves and sex at least once a week.
* For those who like hiking/walking, on Fitocracy.com there is a "One DOES Simply Walk Into Mordor" group. You use this site to record milage and see where you are, then you post in the group as if you are at that part of the journey. It's a fit futzy as the site you use to track/look up stuff is a bit old and awkward, but I enjoy it. Since I started I am at Mile 42: Wood more dense, and lane went lower, running in a fold of hills, with hazel on the slopes alongside. Pippin quickly becomes sleepy.

Okay, social stuff aside, here are links to see stuff I've seen around ... mostly on Reddit.
* LOTR Keyword search. It tells you how often words appear in LOTR/Silmarillion. You can be totally mature and look up how often words like "grope" are used. On the sidebar to the left you will see all sorts of tools to poke at that analyze chapter length, common words and random visualization thingies.
* Timeline of the Dwarves in The Hobbit.
* Timelines of the Elves.
* Misty Mountains as sung by that guy who went viral for singing Chocolate Rain.
* Middle Earth as if from space.
* All of the interviews on The Colbert Report leading up to the debut of The Hobbit were awesome. I can't find great links for this but here and here are two good tastes.
* Some of the cast of The Hobbit getting their lego counterparts.
* WETA concept art for female Dwarves.
* Nearly forgot this one! Cory Olsen who teaches courses on Tolkien at Washington College has put up a number of his lectures for free up in iTunes U. So, if you have an Apple device you an listen to college lectures on The Hobbit, etc. link.

Aaaaannnd I am going to wrap this up for now with a pair of gifs from the Lego Lord of the Rings video game because it makes me happy:

 photo tumblr_mgt0080Lby1rrhhnko1_250_zps102d56fd.gif
 photo tumblr_mgt0080Lby1rrhhnko2_250_zps78cb1f67.gif

I don't know if more than three or four of you are into Tolkien stuff, but I hope at least someone finds something cool in those links. If people ask, I will do a post of recent (as far as I know) fan art that I like.


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