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Grimm - Visually, I love the show. I love how it portrays Portland. That guy living in the geodesic house at the start of The Three Bad Wolves? I know that guy. Live here long enough and you will also know that guy. If they ever showed his feet he would have been wearing those shoes with articulated toes. What I have seen of Portlandia makes me go "So, that is what LA thinks of Portland." Grimm really captures some great details and flavors of Portland. Also, it's like a love letter to the Arts and Crafts houses we have here.

Other than that, it kinda sucks. Suddenly every case has fairy tale involvement? If they don't hang a lantern on the sudden influx of cases involving non-humans I am going to headdesk. Monroe is awesome and I like him more every episode. The main dude seems to be a study in bland, and he does some really stupid stuff. The whole partner and fiancee not knowing thing is already getting old and needs to end now. It's not really a genre show, it's a typical network drama with a thin layer of mythical icing on top.

But, the show is doing well, shows off my city and is creating lots of jobs here. I can't really complain.

Supernatural - I liked last season, but this season isn't really working for me. The last episode is good, but it's halfway through the season and I've only really liked about two episodes. I had high hopes for this season, with the new show runner having a year of experience under her belt.

I always hesitate to say anything negative about the show, because some people seem to make complaining about it their main hobby or fannish activity. The repetitive, droning complaining I see in various fannish spaces is annoying and I don't want to add to it. But, yeah, as I've said elsewhere, having the Leviathans have the same mechanics as other stuff they've dealt with and them still being able to pull the Bavarian Fire drill...

Sanctuary - Trying to stick with it, but, meh. Ever since they did the epic storyline it's been directionless. Love the actors and the characters, but the plots are ... pointless.

Criminal Minds - Can we pretend last season never happened? It's back to being that nicely dark show with amazing characters and amazingly consistent characterization I enjoy.

NCIS - Not my first choice, but it's a thing to watch when I want to see more TV.

Leverage - Show has gone ridiculously downhill, but I haven't taken the time to analyze where it's gone wrong. The last episode I bothered to watch, with Hardison singing to get poor damaged Parker through the rough spot? I wanted to puke. Parker was from badass to Poor Little Damaged Thing Help Her. I loved their relationship until they made her weak and dependent. Her sudden weaknesses have driven a good bit of story this season. Can't we go back to Hardison and Eliot bitching at each other in the woods? This show has become Exhibit C as to why I am a slasher and dislike het romances on shows.

Okay, maybe I have a firmer grasp than I thought on why I've fallen out of love with the show.

Community - Rocky at times, but also amazingly awesome. Not always a fan of the direction they take Britta, but, Dan Harmon will pull something awesome there, right? The Xmas episodes sooth my nerves during December by skewering so much of what I dislike about the season. I hope there are more bits of Inspector Spacetime shown.

Beauty and the Beast - I am watching it on Netflix when I need background noise when sewing, and don't mind if the machine drowns it out at times. I stop and giggle at the ridiculously fanficcy bits. Soul bonding trope, in my major network TV drama? More likely than you think.

Ah, the sweet tale of the outcasts of society, good looking white people, living in posh sewers. And the rich girl doing something meaningful with her life ... but making her sassy black friend do all the real work in exchange for offers from the vending machine.

BBC et cetera - I need to find more recent British stuff I like. I've been into British shows and edgy British comedy for most of my life, but the more recent shows I've seen bits of and other people seem to love, just don't do much for me. Spaced, Misfits, etc. really don't grab me. I'd rather watch older stuff or more episodes of QI and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Well, I do love Doctor Who and Sherlock (and Moffat's Jekyll), but, isn't there good stuff by people other than Moffat? The shows the anglophiles I know go on about just bore me.

No more Who for a while, but at least there will be new Sherlock soon :)

Burn Notice - Totally burned out on the overarching storyline being a complete non-starter. Episodes are expiring in my Hulu queue.

tl:dr - I am losing or have lost interest in a bunch of shows. Also my interest in Skyrim is fading. While it's pretty, my actions have a sad lack of effect on things, and particularly people. I am going to slog through a few more missions and see if I get back into it ... at some point. I'm currently re-reading The Hobbit and may spend more time reading novels unless I find a good new show to watch. I really need to power through all of George R. R. Martin's Song of blah and blah books before I get any more spoiled. Why do GRRM fans not consider talking about what happens in later books spoilers? Jesus Hell, it's like every one out there is itching to talk about the books so badly, if you mention Game of Thrones they will spew dork all over you and wont Shut Up, even if you tell them very directly to Stop Talking.


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