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Here is my first ever solo sewing project:


A Captain America blanket so [personal profile] lazulisong can wrap herself in fluffy, cozy layers of Steve Rogers. The pictures are kinda blurry, because I took when I had just finished and was about to go to bed.

I edged the fleece in blanket binding, which I think worked well:


I was buying materials when a lady asked me what I was making for my husband. I told her I had none, so she assumed boyfriend, then son, then male friend ... and then was confused why I was buying Captain America fleece.

It was a very Steve&Tony Xmas over here, as I got Iron Man tumblers from Lazuli and a plush Steve from 'Borg. (Plush Steve is sitting facing my computer, which is a bad plan as Steve may be scandalized by things I look at.)

For [profile] vampireborg I made a bacon scarf:


I could have done more streaks, but that would have made it too bulky I think. And, that was my second project ... and the one the cutting counter lady said wouldn't work. She asked what I was doing, and I told her figuring she might have some advice ...but her advice was 'Don't try that with fleece'.

This is what some of the bird ornaments I sent out looked like:


Pic I took of the project in process:


For one friend I made a Twins Peaks set:


Here are my Xmas decorations and the classy wrapping jobs of my and my friends:


Triskele is playing with the new scratching thing I got her. She's had the same post for over ten years now, I figure even if she doesn't take to the angled one I can take a risk on it. It came with some catnip to rub into it, and she spent the first half hour licking out every bit she could get.

Lazuli gave my cat some treats. She seems to like them, but hasn't figured out how to open the container:


You can see the edge peeking out from under her belly.

I still have some wrapped packages around. I am having another little Xmas on Tuesday, and I'll have Xmas with family over New Years.

I have greatly improved my sewing and embroidery skills. Now, I need to tackle Mom's present and some other projects. If I want to do more geeky crafting, I now have the skills to do so. Also, hosting crafting nights here meant seeing my friends a lot during December, which rocked :) This really has been one of my better holiday seasons.

Date: 2011-12-26 01:04 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] velithya
velithya: (sewing)
heee, your blanket for Meg looks excellent! In fact, all your stuff looks excellent!

Date: 2013-03-07 12:59 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] sami
sami: (caring face)

(this icon chosen because I don't have any other cat ones right now)

so hey since apparently I'm visitng you in a few months I thought we should maybe get to know each other :D

Date: 2013-03-07 05:55 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] sami
sami: (Default)
Yeah, I've been having that conversation with Vel. "I've never actually interacted with Rathany in any way, you know?"

Although Chas says you're totally lovely, so I'm not *worried* about you, but still!


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