Apr. 13th, 2015

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A for-profit site called ebooks-tree.com is currently scraping the entire AO3 fic archive and rehosting all of it on their ad-supported paid-access site. AO3 is the main fanfic site on the web, run cooperatively by fans. They are not just hitting the popular fics, they are taking everything and converting them to pdfs on their site.

AO3 also now hosts all the fic from many, many old and now defunct older archives. Remember the old 852 Prospect archive that had so much Sentinel fic that it could fetch you fic no matter what you were in the mood for? That archive, or at least most of it, was preserved by transferring it onto AO3.

Here is information on how to start getting it taken down.

From here AO3 recommends:
To keep your fanfic locked away from anyone or anything that isn’t a logged-in AO3 user, edit your work and tick the “Only show your work to registered users” option, in the Privacy box. (However, very dedicated PDF thieves could theoretically circumvent this by creating an account for their bots.)

They are also working on better handle this and how to respond.

This problem was discovered today as far as I can tell. Spread this like wildfire to all ficcers. Feel free to c&p my wording, or vary it, to make posts. (Please vary it, this is a terribly rushed post as I need to run out to get my taxes did.)


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