Dec. 16th, 2013

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Wow, that was a weekend. Tabyk and I were darn lucky that we went the weekend we did. We had almost gone the previous weekend when it was 4 degrees. As in, 28 degrees below freezing ... and no that isn't with wind chill. Instead we had thirties and forties with mostly clear roads and just enough snow in some areas to highlight the ridges of mountains and hillsides. Also, you know you picked the right weekend to be in a rural area if you are buying local wool in the fiber store and the lady asks if you are in town for the Truck Parade. Turns out, the John Day Truck Parade is when people load up timber trucks, pick up trucks, horse trailers etc with generators and cover them in Christmas Lights.

Below the cut I will put some pictures of the Truck Parade, Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, Fossil beds dating back 65 million years and the John Condon Paleontology Center. However, here is the full main album and here is the John Day Truck Parade Bonus Album with a link to a short YT video of one of the trucks.

If the above descrip doesn't make you click, nothing I put here will )


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