Jul. 27th, 2011

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Here are the remaining pics and links to other entries. Some LJ entries may be locked, but I will unlock them when I can.

Lost Girl panel pics I posted to a Lost Girl comm here.

Random hyper post.

Swag Shot.

Jared at Nerd HQ.

Random pics )

Full PB album of my SPN panel pictures are here. Eh, I will post a few here directly under a cut. I had my new camera and was so excited to take better pics this year, but the images turned out too dark ... this is because my setting were wrong and I didn't think to check. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson. But, at least I also had my P&S camera. It will always happen that I get the best pics of the things I care about the least, and the worst pics of the things I care about the most.

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So, there it is, all the pics are up somewhere. I may randomly post more because those 5 days (6 next year!) are so dense and I had trouble making posts during.

Now, let's see if the DW tags are the same and if crossposting works now.


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