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Welcome to the Legolas/Gimli masterpost!

Upcoming events:
* Gigolas Week happens at irregular intervals.

* Hey so, new LOTR series will be a prequel. I doubt any new Legs and Gims moments will come out of it, but it may re-spark interest when it comes out in *checks watch* a few years.

Where do I find you all?

* You can try the Gimli and/or Gigolas tags on Tumblr to find the currently active peeps. You can also check the Legolas tag, but it tends to have a much lower percentage of Gimli/Legolas shipper stuff than the Gimli tag.

Where is the fic/art?

* The Gimli/Legolas tag on AO3
* Gimli and/or Gigolas tags on Tumblr.
* Sansûkh Podfic Project
* There are a few pieces of art on DeviantArt, but not a lot.
* Gigolas Big Bang Look for info on the next one, or give love to the previous year's authors and artists.
* Ungalad's rec list is here.

Older archives:

* Library of Moria
* Axe And Bow
* Axe & Bow
* Of Elves and Man, Legolas/Gimli page
* Tolkien Fanart page of Dagmar Jung It hasn't been updated in a very long time, but it's the source for some popular fanart that has been posted many places, like this one.
* The The FuckYeahLegolasandGimli Tumblr is no longer updated, but you can still go back through the posts to see the art it collected.

Japanese Branch of out fandom, レゴギム fans:
* They had a Spring 2016 fanworks fest, that used the twitter hastag #レゴギムweb. The early 2017 fanworks fest used the tag #legogim3w You can browse either or the @Mellon_legogim twitter account.
* Some of the the illustrations posted to that tag are collected here.
* A few more links to art from the project - Chibi paper dolls (more to com as they are posted.
* The twitter account reblogging Japanese art/fic is Twitter account Mellon_legogim.
* If you would like to browse Pixiv, try the レゴギム tag.

What do we do for fun?

* Ask questions on the Ask Gigolas Blog.
* Gigolas Week It's over for this year, but you can look for info on the next one or just enjoy previous contributions.
* Play Lego: LOTR. No really, you can walk around as Legolas carrying Gimli half the time.
* Listen to fanmixes like this Gigolas one.
* Play Meere's 2048 Gigolas Edition here.

Fan Fic resources!

* LOTR Project. A ficcer's dream resource: timelines, interactive maps, charts and graphs based on Tolkien texts, etc.
* Everything Tolkien officially said about Elf sex in one handy article with sources.
* Speaking of Legolas, A New Free Republic article by Michael Martinez, Author of Visualizing Middle-Earth.
* Legolas of Mirkwood: Prince Among Equals.
* The Sindarin Dictionary Project
* Sindarin: The Noble Tongue
* Ask Middle Earth response about Whether Dwarves Love Only Once.

Fandom Lore, touchstones, etc:

* The Legolas Cosplayer Dances to Single Ladies.
* Gingerhaze's comics have definitely had an influence. She started the dwarf racist party dad meme and she has other LOTR comics here.
* John Rys Davies and Peter Hambleton at a con pretending to be Gimli and Gloin saying goodbye before the events of the Hobbit.
* The Can I Touch Your Butt in Elvish post.
* Weta's concept art for female Dwarves.
* A Ship Manifesto.
* Notanightlight's Do You Want To Kill Some Orcs filk.
* Why did some people suddenly start calling it Gigolas? Discussion and link to first known usage here.

Random fun and/or educational LOTR stuffs:

* Cory Olsen who teaches courses on Tolkien at Washington College has put up a number of his lectures for free up in iTunes U. So, if you have an Apple device you and you like to listen to college lectures on The Hobbit, etc. link.
* For those who like hiking/walking, there is this site to track mileage as if you are walking to Mordor from The Shire. Since I started I am at Mile 42: Wood more dense, and lane went lower, running in a fold of hills, with hazel on the slopes alongside. Pippin quickly becomes sleepy.
* Misty Mountains as sung by that guy who went viral for singing Chocolate Rain.
* Cosplay beard using crepe wool tutorial for dressing up as your favorite Dwarf.


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